People work differently.

However, some people are naturally messy and others are very neat. It's just another style of working. There is no right or wrong, so I wanted to find a solution that can make both sides happy. With DAS,  the user has unlimited storage space and also gives them a large work area while having access and control of important belongings, or clutter that is only visible to you and hidden to others.

'Organized Chaos'

DAS – 'Desk and Storage' was designed so that a minimalist or a maximalist can enjoy. It gives the user an all side access to the storage underneath the glass tabletop, while the custom built felt baskets provide them privacy for important documents, paperwork, or even mess.

 How does this benefit you? 

- fully customizeable

- exposed but concealed for your privacy

- easy access of belongings at all sides

My challenge was giving the user a complete workspace – without being 'trapped' in an office room, the user can just have this table and be set to sit down and work all day without going through cabinets, drawers, storage units.


which one are you?

49% of people MUST have a clean desk in order to work efficiently

51% of people like having a 'messy' desk because they have accessibility to everything

7 out of 10 people clean their desk at least 5 times a week
das cover

Through iterations and experiments, I decided that in order for DAS to be the perfect work furniture, it needs to be able to fit into any work environment. The maple wood and low iron glass give a clean minimal appearance while the storage can be as messy or as neat as the user wants.


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